Using an approach we call Decision Dynamics, Yarnell offers a range of qualitative marketing research methods, including focus groups and depth interviews. We provide clients with a deeper understanding of respondents’ decisionmaking processes and the contexts in which they occur. Our research provides not just an understanding of which new product concept might be preferred or which positioning might be the most motivating – but why, how and when.

With Decision Dynamics, we encourage and pursue the critical “it depends” caveats respondents so often volunteer. We also understand the influence of institutional context, whether it’s a respondent’s family or a large enterprise employer.

While our clients face technology-related decisions in bringing products and services to market, their customers care only about technology’s benefits. We work hard to ensure that our research reflects customer perspectives and language, thus enabling our clients to make better decisions. Read More >


Bad data looks just like good data once it has been analyzed. With unsurpassed quality control over recruiting and analysis, Yarnell’s marketing research yields data and analysis you can trust–on time and within budget. We can help you build a solid foundation for innovative products and compelling product positioning and messaging. Read More >


Our Decision Dynamics approach has enabled our technology clients to conduct thousands of successful new product development, branding, positioning and messaging projects. Read More >


Custom marketing research is part art, part science. But expertise only comes with knowledge and experience. For more than 30 years, Yarnell has served some of the world’s largest global technology companies. Read More >

Irrespective of the method we recommend or the techniques we employ, what’s most important is talking with the right people. We work closely with you to understand your business objectives and use the appropriate research methods and techniques.
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