Risk Reduction Overview

With the experience, expertise and quality control we bring to every project, you can trust the research and analysis Yarnell delivers.

Responsiveness and Focus

Yarnell designs each project based upon your unique business and research needs. Though we bring to bear our experience, we listen carefully to understand your specific objectives.

You work directly with our senior staff. Your Yarnell project manager, who participates in all planning and briefing sessions, is responsible for all planning and research material development (e.g., screeners, discussion guides).

Once a project is approved, an additional point of contact ensures your project’s smooth implementation. Our partner staff field director oversees quality control, providing you with a project schedule and daily updates to ensure that the operations and logistics meet your needs. The Yarnell team handles every project detail diligently to ensure quality execution and dependable results.

Risk Reduction

Our partner field director oversees all arrangements and monitors the recruiting process daily, for every project. We strongly believe the key to good data and actionable findings – particularly in qualitative research – is the recruiting process. Bad data looks just like good data once it has been analyzed. We strive to make sure the data are of the highest quality.

Global Partners

In more than 30 years of conducting research for technology clients, we have developed a worldwide network of tested, reliable recruiters who deliver high quality recruits. Yarnell has partnered with research vendors globally, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, Korea and India.

We know how technology decisionmakers think.

For over 30 years we have focused on qualitative research for information technology companies, most of them global leaders in technology.

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